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Christmas Mince Pie recipe from Saucepan Kids - Easy quick mince pie recipe - fun for kids to help

Easy Mince Pies

If you only ever buy ready made mince pies from the shop then you really must try this - they are easy and taste amazing!

traditional christmas cake recipe

Traditional Christmas Cake

Get the kids involved in making the Christmas cake, and be sure to make that wish when you're stirring!

Easy marzipan (almond icing) for Christmas Cake - Saucepan Kids - Getting ready for Christmas with the kids in the kitchen

Christmas Cake Almond Icing (Marzipan)

So the Christmas cake is made, here's stage 2, the almond icing or marzipan as we like to call it.

Cooking Together

Cooking together with your children gives you the opportunity to teach children (and ourselves!) about food and how to cook. It is also a lot of fun and a great way to spend time as a family.

Food Literacy

Food literacy is understanding how our food choices impact our health and the environment. We believe making children food literate is an essential part of their education.

how much sugar children

Reducing Sugar

Over 20% of children and teenagers are obese. The leading cause of this is consumption of too much sugar. Our aim is to help address this through education of parents and children.

Everything in Moderation

Teaching children food literacy


Saucepan Kids is all about teaching children about food – what to eat and how to cook it. We want our children to be healthy and be able to make the right food choices when they leave home. It’s not all about low fat, no sugar, everything must be healthy, it’s about understanding what’s good for you and what to have in moderation.

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Quick Focaccia Bread Recipe

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Teen Christmas Present Ideas 2019

Teen Christmas Present Ideas 2019

When your children are younger, it’s so much easier to choose Christmas presents for them as they’ll usually tell you exactly what they want and the numerous turned down pages of the various Smyths and Argos catalogues that they leave lying around. Teenagers, however, are often much more difficult to choose gifts for, as they […]

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  9th December 2019   No comments

Family Food Travel

Travel is a key part of our philosophy. Not only from the experiences and memories it creates but also tying it back to our food principles.

When travelling we believe that immersing ourselves in the local culture is the key to understanding and appreciating a country or city and a key part of this is its food. Therefore when travelling we focus on the local food as well as sights, history and general tips and planning.

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