Càlia e Simenza - Chickpeas & Pumpkin Seed Snack - created by Saucepan Kids - inspired by 'The Shape of the Water' by Andrea Camilleri

Càlia e Simenza – Chickpea & Pumpkin Seed Snack

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I am currently reading a book called ‘The Shape of the Water’ by Andrea Camilleri and, at one point, the main character Montalbano describes enjoying a street snack… Read More »

Saucepan Kids throw a dinner party for 9 people

When Kids Throw A Dinner Party

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Kids throwing a dinner party conjures up images of frozen pizza and fizzy pop but when these two twelve year olds decided to cook a three course meal… Read More »

Saucepan Kids In Conversation - Fussy Eaters

Fussy Eaters – In Conversation

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The two youngest Saucepan Kids wanted to video themselves talking about lots of different topics that they thought were important about food and cooking which might be of… Read More »

carrot cupcake recipe

Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

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Carrot cake is one of our favourite things to bake and eat, we can even kid ourselves it’s healthier with all those carrots and raisins in ! This… Read More »

Saucepan Kids Q&A session in association with Tesco Ireland

Saucepan Kids Q&A with Tesco Ireland

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We’re delighted to announce that Saucepan Kids are taking over! Well not the world just yet, the Tesco Ireland Twitter profile and Facebook page this Sunday March 29th 2015… Read More »

pasta masterclass jamies italian

Pasta Masterclass at Jamie’s Italian

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We were incredibly lucky to be invited by Jamie Oliver’s Irish business partner to visit their restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, in Dundrum, to have a pasta masterclass with their chefs. Even… Read More »

chocolate truffle recipe

Chocolate Truffles Recipe

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Now these are very special indeed. They are rich and luxurious and you certainly wouldn’t have them everyday! They are easy and messy and scrummy and make the… Read More »

Saucepan Kids list after school snacks ideas

After school snacks

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With the kids back at school now, all talk seems to be about homework and getting kids to focus on it and settle into getting it done and… Read More »

Christmas Cake Almond Icing Marzipan Recipe

Christmas Cake Almond Icing (Marzipan) Recipe

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Stage two of making a traditional Christmas Cake is our house, is the Almond Icing or the Marzipan as some people like to call it. Like or loathe… Read More »

easy mince pie recipe

Easy Mince Pie Recipe

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If you only ever buy ready made mince pies from the shop then you really must try this. This mince pie recipe is incredibly easy, the pastry is… Read More »

traditional christmas cake recipe

Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe

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Well it’s that time again when we need to make the Christmas cake. This traditional Christmas cake recipe has been handed down the generations in my family, it’s… Read More »

Saucepan Kids celebrating Halloween with Glenisk, showing how easy it is for kids to make healthier treats

Halloween Tricks And Treats Videos

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  Whatever happened to Halloween? When I was little, you wore a black sack for a costume, you might be lucky enough to have a scary mask and… Read More »

New Super Seed Snacks from Sligo based Good 4U

Super Seed Snacks for Superheros

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  Just tell the kids “All you need to be a superhero is your very own pack of Super Bites” – you can’t go wrong. These are the… Read More »

Saucepan Kids - growing fresh sage and drying it out afterwards

How To Dry Out Sage Leaves

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Sage is a herb that anyone can grow in their garden. It’s leaves are green grey colour with a silvery bloom covering. It’s one of our favourite herbs here at… Read More »

Saucepan Kids - baking sugar free banana loaf

Sugar-Free Banana Loaf

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After Jamie Oliver’s recent programme ‘Sugar Rush’, people are now talking more about the dangers of added sugar in our diets. It’s a conversation we’ve tried to highlight… Read More »

Blackberries - Saucepan Kids

Autumn Is Coming

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I know, that phrase is usually reserved for the traditionally festive month, but to me, Autumn is the most incredible… Read More »