Top tips to encourage your child to eat healthy foods

5 ways to encourage your child to eat healthy food

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We ran a Q&A session with Tesco Ireland recently and many of the questions were in relation to how parents could get their kids to eat healthier foods…. Read More »

Saucepan Kids Q&A session with Tesco Ireland

Tesco Ireland Easter baking Q&A

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Last night the Saucepan Kids (with able assistants Mum and Dad) took over the Tesco Ireland Facebook page and Twitter profile and held a Q&A session on cooking… Read More »

shortbread recipe

Simple Shortbread Biscuits Recipe

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This is a really easy shortbread biscuit recipe. They are brilliant for snacks and gifts. Our 9 year old son makes these all on his own with us only… Read More »

carrot cupcake recipe

Carrot Cupcakes Recipe

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Carrot cake is one of our favourite things to bake and eat, we can even kid ourselves it’s healthier with all those carrots and raisins in ! This… Read More »

Saucepan Kids Q&A session in association with Tesco Ireland

Saucepan Kids Q&A with Tesco Ireland

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We’re delighted to announce that Saucepan Kids are taking over! Well not the world just yet, the Tesco Ireland Twitter profile and Facebook page this Sunday March 29th 2015… Read More »

pasta masterclass jamies italian

Pasta Masterclass at Jamie’s Italian

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We were incredibly lucky to be invited by Jamie Oliver’s Irish business partner to visit their restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, in Dundrum, to have a pasta masterclass with their chefs. Even… Read More »


Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

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As this school term is well underway now, I don’t know about you but I’m finding the school packed lunch every day a bit of a bind. Where… Read More »

Saucepan Kids list after school snacks ideas

After school snacks

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With the kids back at school now, all talk seems to be about homework and getting kids to focus on it and settle into getting it done and… Read More »

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

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This is a recipe found in a Waitrose magazine that was brought over by Granny and Grandad visiting from England. I think that it’s originally by Edd Kimber… Read More »

Chocolate Easter Nests Recipe

Chocolate Easter Nests Recipe

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These have to be the easiest (and most messy) Easter treat you can make with your kids. Aprons will definitely be needed for this one as chocolate is… Read More »

Super quick chocolate cookies recipe

Super quick chocolate cookies recipe

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These chocolate cookies are, as the name suggests, super quick and easy. We often double or treble the mixture and leave it in the freezer to be made… Read More »

Saucepan Kids take part in Bumbles of Rice's week in dinners linky

A typical week in dinners (Linky)

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Sinéad from Bumble’s of Rice invited us to take part in her ‘A Week in Dinners’ linky so we kept note of what we had for dinner for… Read More »

Berry Compote recipe - Saucepan Kids

Berry Compote

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Whenever there are deals on frozen fruit in the supermarket, I stock up and pop them in the freezer. We love this recipe and make it regularly as… Read More »

Saucepan Kids American Drop Pancakes recipe

Breakfast Pancakes

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We’re big fans of pancakes here in our house and these tasty american or drop (as they’re often called) pancakes are on the breakfast menu most weekend mornings…. Read More »

3 things to do with leftover turkey

3 things to do with leftover turkey

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It’s been a couple of days now since Christmas Day and that turkey is probably still taking up loads of room in the fridge! No matter how many… Read More »

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