Grow your own strawberries – all gone!

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grow your own strawberries

We have a fairly decent sized strawberry patch with a good number of plants in it. We don’t do massive amounts of looking after it (other than Granny’s annual weeding efforts which are much appreciated) and each year we get a good crop.

I asked one of the kids to go up to patch and bring back some strawberries for our tea this evening to which she sheepishly replied that there weren’t many left. This was surprising as the other day I had seen there were quite a few there. They went up and took a look and the picture above shows the results of their hunt.

It transpires that they have been snacking on them every time they are out in the garden. Far from being cross I’m delighted that they are enjoying them so much, though I would have liked to have had at least a few after dinner tonight.

I’m now looking into how I can make the netting over the top – that’s there to keep the birds off – children proof!

Question for any experienced gardeners out there; should you encourage the runners that the strawberry produces in late summer or nip them out? I’ve heard they sap energy?

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  1. Jho Harris says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Anything I have read suggests that if you want fruit from your plants you should leave the flowers and remove the runners but if you eant plants leave the runners and remove the flowers. you really should let two thirds go to fruit and allow one third of your plants provide you with more plants for next year.

    Hope that helps

    • admin says:

      Hi Jho,

      That sounds like brilliant advice! We definitely weren’t properly prepared for the Strawberries runners, we might have positioned the Strawberries plot in a different spot if we knew then what we know now!! Still, we’re always learning. Thanks a million for the tip… keep them coming…



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