How to make your own butter

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Make your own butter - Saucepan Kids

Have you ever wanted to make your own butter? Well it’s surprisingly easy, save for a little exertion – which of course the kids will be doing anyway! This idea came from our twin’s school teacher and they are fascinated by the process and always asking us if they can do it.

If you don’t want to shake I guess you could use a food processor but where’s the fun in that?

Getting the kids to help cook with you

Parents won’t need to get involved at all, except maybe to open the cream carton and make sure the lid is on the jar tightly – you can imagine the consequences of it not being tight enough!




  1. how to make butterHalf fill a jam jar with the cream and seal with a tight fitting lid
  2. Shake…
  3. Shake…
  4. Shake…
  5. Shaking takes a while. Eventually it will solidify but keep going. Suddenly it will split leaving liquid and a solid lump of butter.
  6. Strain the liquid off – retain this liquid as it is butter milk that you can use in bread baking – such as this delicious brown soda bread recipe
  7. Squeeze any remaining liquid out of the butter and rinse the butter briefly under a cold tap
  8. Shape the butter into a lump and enjoy on some bread!


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