Plan B – Indoor Market

Our three kids (and an honorary Saucepan Kid!) were meant to take a stall at the popular Strandhill People’s Market in Sligo yesterday but unfortunately it was cancelled late the night before due to a forecast of bad weather. The kids were absolutely gutted. They had spent weeks preparing various up-cycled craft but what was worse was the solid twelve hours they had spent on the Saturday baking 18 brown soda breads, 144  coated chocolate truffles, 70 odd flapjacks and gluten-free ginger cookies. Everything was also beautifully packaged and labelled.

What would they do with everything now? There were tears (and the kids were upset too!). We decided to hold our own market, at our house. We used Facebook and texts that evening to rally our friends and family nearby to pop over the next day and visit our Indoor market.

The day went better than we could’ve imagined. The kids loved showing off their hard work and practising being shopkeepers.

An important part for us was for the kids to get introduced to the business side of things. They worked out the cost of making each product, profit margins and what they might be able to charge compared to other suppliers.

In the end they sold out of everything within a few hours and are proud as punch of themselves now.

We have to thank the 56 people who came to visit that afternoon, drank tea and made a purchase. Lots of people asked us to do it every week but we’re not so sure about that!

Check out the gallery below for pictures from the day (click on a picture for the full sized image and to navigate between pictures).


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