Tesco Launch Wonky Veg Initiative

Tesco Ireland have recently announced they will soon start stocking ‘wonky veg’ for their customers.

What is wonky veg I hear you ask? Well, apparently every year millions of kilos of fresh veg is thrown away or used as animal feed if they are classified as being irregular in shape or size. Tesco will trial selling misshapen carrots and mushrooms in specially marked ‘wonky veg’ packs.

It’ll be interesting to see what consumers make of #wonkyveg and I imagine that other veg suppliers across Ireland are watching to see if buyers’ habits are influenced by this initiative.

What, you mean normal carrots?

When I was writing this post my 9 year old son saw the picture above and asked what the post was about. I explained to him about the misshapen veg and he said, “What, you mean normal carrots, like the ones we grow in the garden?”. Check out the picture from our Vegetable treasure hunt to see what he means!

It’s just a shame that we have to call it wonky veg at all, hopefully one day it’ll be normal.

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