3 things to do with leftover turkey

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things to do with turkey leftovers

It’s been a couple of days now since Christmas Day and that turkey is probably still taking up loads of room in the fridge! No matter how many people you had around for Christmas dinner, you’re bound to still have copious amounts of meat leftover so what are you going to do with it?

However tempting it might be to throw it away, we really need to be more conscious of food waste. Did you know that of the $10bn spent on Christmas food, 35% is thrown away after Christmas!

Turkey can be quite an expensive purchase so it’s important to use every last bit of it if possible. You also need to use it up quite quickly as it’s doesn’t keep for that long. If you had a fresh (and not frozen) turkey then you can of course strip the meat off that carcass and freeze it for use another time.

Alternatively here are some different ideas for cooking with that leftover meat:

Turkey Pizza

A cost effective meal and great fun with the kids. Making your own pizza dough is a much cheaper and tastier alternative to shop bought pizza and takes less time than you think. We had pizzas with leftover turkey, ham, stuffing on top. We even threw some dried cranberries over before cooking and we had the best tasting pizza ever (so the kids said!).

Turkey Bolognese

As you would normally make a bolognese sauce, just substitute the turkey for the beef for a tasty alternative.

Turkey Soup

The basis of any good soup is a good stock and with you can use all those stripped turkey bones to make the most incredible stock. Just like making a chicken stock, you can throw the bones in a big stockpot of water, bring to the boil and simmer for a few hours, you will then have the basis of a wholesome and hearthy soup.

How will you be using your leftover Turkey meat?


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