Piadinas at Piada Cupida in Ravenna, Italy

I’ll admit I’d not even heard of the local Ravenna dish, piadina, before our recent food tour of Italy. Even then it was only because the Ravenna tourist board suggested we should visit Piada Cupida and try the local delicacy whilst we were there.

Ravenna is in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy and only a 15 minute drive from where we were staying in Marina di Ravenna. Ravenna is a beautiful small city rich in history, beautiful buildings and famous for mosaics.

So back to piadinas.  They are an Italian flat bread made from flour, olive oil, salt and water and are often sold in special kiosks called piadinerie.

The charming street of Via Camillo Benso Cavour in Ravenna as the storm clouds brew
The charming street of Via Camillo Benso Cavour in Ravenna as the storm clouds brew

Hidden in the streets of Ravenna

Piada Cupida is more than a kiosk though, it is a small restaurant hidden in a charming courtyard just off the Via Camillo Benso Cavour, one of the shopping streets in Ravenna.

In fact, it is so well hidden we didn’t realise it was in the courtyard and walked past the entrance a few times cursing Google maps before we found it!

There is a lovely area for seating outside but as we arrived the heavens opened to we opted to sit inside.

Piada Cupida is run by a mother and daughter team and we were greeted by Petra, the daughter, who was very welcoming and speaks excellent English.

When in Ravenna

As we like to do when we are food travelling, we left ourselves entirely in the hands of Petra when it came to choosing what we should eat. We love doing this as you get to really understand what the local food is and more often than not you try things that you would not have chosen if left to your own devices.

First up was a selection of 3 different piadinas; a standard one, a vegan one and a black one. They were all really good and my preference was probably the vegan one as it seemed to have the best flavour.

Served with the piadinas was Parma ham, pecorino cheese and squacquerone which is a local cottage type cheese that Petra recommended we eat with rocket, the combination of which was delicious.

For main course Petra gave us three types of pasta all of which was made by Petra and her mother. The first was pasta with a bacon and cream sauce, the second was Cappelletti al formaggio con ragu which is a pasta stuffed with cheese and served with a tomato and beef sauce and the third was lasagna.

Petra's wonderful selection of homemade pasta
Petra’s wonderful selection of homemade pasta


All were excellent, homemade pasta is something we often do at home as the texture and taste is better than dried pasta. My favourite was the Cappelletti which, incidentally, was what Debbie had inadvertently had on her pizza the previous evening when we ate at a pizzaria in Marina di Ravenna with no English on the menu and our limited Italian failed us. Pizza with a pasta topping, talk about carb-loading!

Pudding heaven

Petra left the best until last when we had another Piadina which this time had a sweet twist. The ‘bambinos’ had a Nutella filling which I can take or leave but they very much took and loved. Debbie and I were given a squacquerone and fig filling. This was simply delicious, I’m a big fig fan and it worked really well with the cream cheese – I’m pretty sure there was a drizzle of honey in there too.

Petra also sells ready made piadinas that you can reheat at home – we bought one pack of each variety and used them over the remainder of the holiday, reheating them in a dry frying pad as instructed by Petra.

Not one of the first places that comes to mind when selecting a destination for your Italian holiday we would definitely recommend adding Ravenna to your shortlist. It is very close to both the sea and Italy’s biggest theme park, Mirabilandia, and only an hour or so from Aquafan, a brilliant water park.

Whilst you are there, make sure you drop in to see Petra in Piada Cupida and try some of her wonderful piadinas and homemade pasta.




Our first course – piadina with parma ham, pecorino and a local cream cheese, squacquerone, in the top left.


Ellen enjoying her squacquerone and rocket on piadina


Pre-packed, homemade piadinas to take away.


Cappelletti al formaggio con ragu, thankfully this time not on pizza.
Cappelletti al formaggio con ragu, thankfully this time not on pizza.


The entrance to Piada Cupido in Ravenna


Emilia-Romagna Tourism - Saucepan Kids - Things to do in Emilia-RomagnaDisclaimer – Thank you to the Emilia-Romagna Tourist Board for providing us with a free tour of Ruliano for the purposes of this review.

This review is, as always, 100% honest and our own opinion.


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