After school snacks

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Healthy after school snacks from Saucepan Kids - Back to School lunch ideas

With the kids heading back to school next week, we have the dreaded thought of homework and helping the kids to settle down and focus on getting it done.

Now, I know that after school activities can often determine the schedule after school but homework must be a priority. I find in our house that the first thing I need to do to ensure that our three kids do their homework is feed them! Their blood sugar levels are often low when they get home (no matter what they had in their lunchbox). If you’re rushing homework to get out the door to soccer, ballet or music then here’s a list of after-school snacks that will give them the energy to get that homework done and keep them going until they get back from those extra curricular activities for their dinner.

All of these snacks take minutes to prepare and many are easily transported if you’re rushing straight from school to the activity.

Do you have any good after school snacks that you’d recommend?



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