Sage (Breville) Custom Loaf Pro Bread Maker Review

Here at Saucepan Kids we like to make our food from scratch where possible and bread is no exception. However it can be hard to find the time to make your own bread and as bread is a staple in most households we were determined to find a solution. We bought a bread maker many many years ago and used it but never really liked the bread that came out of it. It had a particular aroma and taste that never appealed to us so it was put in a cupboard in the kitchen and never seen again.

Recently we decided to take the plunge and invest in a new bread machine. We spent weeks investicating the different models on the market and after alot of deliberation, we settled on the Sage Custom Loaf Bread maker, or the Breville as it’s known in some European countries. It’s not the cheapest on the market but we decided that it had all the features that we were looking for in a breadmachine.

Let’s talk about the machine itself. It’s not small, it’s very industrial looking so it looks great on the kitchen counter, you just need to make sure you have enough room for it. Trust me, you’re going to be using this regularly so you need to have easy access to it.

Custom Loaf bread maker by Sage Appliances - review by Saucepan Kids - smart LCD display

We had read that it can take a few attempts to get the loaf right in any bread machine. We were over the moon with the first bread that came out of our Sage bread maker. It was delicious and we were excited that we had found the perfect bread maker for our family. The thing we love most about the bread machine is that it’s customisable, hence the name. We can change the type of bread we make, the finished crust, the size and we can even programme the different stages for more complex breads like sour dough. There are several automatic programs including gluten free, yeast free, crusty loaf, dough/pasta & jam.

We love the fact that the kneading blade is collapsible so we don’t get that giant hole at the bottom of the bread so we don’t have wasted slices in the middle. The bread maker also prompts you to remove the collapsible blade just before the bake function, if you wish.

To date, we have made (many) white loaves, sweet fruit bread and also pizza dough. We’re looking forward to trying to make sour dough soon.

In terms of practicality, one of the great things about the Sage Custom Loaf is the perfect shape of the bread when it’s ready. It’s an ideal square shape for slicing (when cool). We find that the 1kg loaf setting makes generous sandwiches for 5 people with a few slices leftover.

Have a look at our video where we look at the appliance in more detail.Custom Loaf bread maker by Sage Appliances - review by Saucepan Kids

If you’re looking for a top quality bread machine that you will use many times a week then the Sage Custom Load Bread maker is the one for you.

Disclaimer : This is NOT an ad or a sponsored review in any way. We paid full price for our Sage Custom Loaf Bread maker.

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