Teen Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Anyone else find teenagers hard to buy Christmas gifts for? What music are they into? What books haven’t they read? What cool gadget would they like?

As a parent, it’s hard enough knowing the answer to some of these questions but imagine if you’re an Aunt or a Grandparent looking for that perfect festive present. Well here are some gift ideas that I swear by, and this is based on the reaction from my own three teenagers after they received some of the items listed below over the last couple of Christmases.

For the teen who loves to be creative

This has been one of the biggest hits in our house over the last few years. One of the most used ‘toys’ in our house has been the Arckit A60 set which came into our house in 2017. Arckit building block kits are actually made in Co. Wicklow and were created by Irish architect Damien Murtagh. It’s great to support Irish businesses where possible.

This award-winning business has gone from strength to strength and have expanded their range of kits so that there is a set for all ages and creative interests. The Arckit TinyTown sets are perfect for little ones aged 5+ whilst the Arckit Masterplan sets would be enjoyed by teens aged 14 upwards and we all know how tricky it is to buy gifts for this age group!

Arckit - the perfect Christmas gift for a teenager

You can source Arckit from many stockists around Ireland however the best deals to be had are on their own website. There are amazing deals to be had on the Arckit Play and Advanced sets right now.

Arckit is a great Christmas present idea for teenagers - Saucepan Kids recommendations

Adult colouring book

There’s alot of talk of mindfulness and teenagers at the moment and if your teen is prone to getting stressed with school or life in general, then an adult colouring book may well be a lovely stocking filler to help them unwind. There are loads of themed ones to choose from, from nature to Harry Potter. The Harry Potter one is particularly beautiful and is a must for any J.K. Rowling fans.

For the teen who is health conscious


Since these activity trackers came onto the market ten years ago, their popularity has soared. They are not cheap but they’re a great way to motivate movement as well as measuring heart rate and sleep quality. The FitBit Charge 2 is currently available for £75 and is a gadget that is sure to raise a smile from your sporty teenager on Christmas morning.

For the teen who loves tech

Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones
I got these headphones last Christmas and I have loved using them and my eldest has been known to borrow them as they’re so good (her words). They cost me under €20 and I love the fact they allow up to 7 hours continuous music so they’re perfect for the gym (don’t worry I would never spend 7 hours in the gym!) or walking the dog, or long journeys in the car, bus or train.

Digital Camera

Yes many smartphones do have fantastic cameras built in these days however if your teenage son or daughter is expressing a genuine interest in photography (beyond filters and photoshopping) then you can get a great entry level digital camera for only just over £60. It’s made by Sony, has amazing HD video capability and has received rave reviews from people who have bought it.

Phone Battery Power Bank

There’s nothing worse for your teenager than having no battery left in your mobile phone so why not ensure that they can always gets online (and always be contacted) with this great stocking filler by Anker. It’s currently half price and costs £14.99. A few weeks with this gadget and you’ll see why it’s the most popular back up charger in America.

For the teen who loves reading

Books (obviously)

What book is your teenager reading at the moment? Get the title and author and go onto Amazon and search for that book. Scroll down and look for the section ‘Customers who bought this item also bought’. Here you’ll see other authors in that genre that your teen may enjoy. It’s a great way to help your teen discover new books.

Magazine subscription

Does your teen ever buy a magazine themselves? What kind of magazine is it? Is it about travel, science or cooking? Then why not look at giving them an annual subscription to a magazine that they might enjoy. The beauty about this is that your gift will continue to give all through the year. If you shop in Tesco regularly then you can convert your clubcard vouchers into magazine subscriptions. Read about all the magazines that are available here.

Saucepan Kids recommend magazine subscriptions for a great Christmas present for your teenager

Kindle Paperwhite
When you travel, your teen may not want to lug around lots of books so an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite may be the perfect gift for your bookworm.

This 6″ glare-free e-reader isn’t the basic model however it has a built-in back light which makes reading on dark Irish evenings a more enjoyable experience. The resolution is also twice as good so it’s much sharper than the basic Kindle. This waterproof paperwhite model is currently available to buy on Amazon for £99.99 which makes it a pricey gift however once purchased, e-books are alot cheaper than traditional books.

There you have it, some great ideas for Christmas presents for the teenager in your life. Have you come up with any great Christmas gift ideas that you could add to this list?

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post however there are some affiliate links with Amazon which means that if you choose to buy this product from here then we may earn a very small amount. We were gifted with a set from Arckit however we had already purchased our own Arckit set. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and our own.


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