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Saucepan Kids Oat FlapjacksBy DebbieThis is a family recipe that has been tailored from different flapjack recipes that we've come across over time.
Tangy Tomato Pasta SauceBy DebbieThis quick and easy tangy tomato pasta sauce is a twist on a family favourite and needs very few ingredients.
Oatmeal CookiesBy DebbieGet the kids baking with these healthier alternative (yes there's still sugar) to regular cookies.
Pancake TuesdayBy DebbieDo not buy ready made pancake mix or batter - make your own, it's a doddle and much better for you as there are no additives.
Tomato and Mozzarella TartsBy DebbieWe found some puff pastry in the freezer on the hunt for lunch so made these delicious tomato and mozzarella tarts.
Victoria Sponge Birthday CakeBy DebbieA classic Victoria sponge cake repurposed as a birthday cake - very tasty and a really nice change from chocolate cake.
Chocolate Birthday CakeBy DebbieBaking your own cakes is far more fun and much cheaper than buying a ready made cake, as well as being way more satisfying.
Fresh Herb PestoBy DebbieYou can use the pesto in all kinds of dishes including pasta, added to soups, dressings and as a dip with lovely fresh bread.
Fairy CakesBy DebbieKids love cooking fairy buns especially for party. It's a great way to introduce them to baking.
Beef Stew and DumplingsBy DebbieDelicious, hearty and warming stew that cooks away in the oven whilst you get on with the after school activities
Hot Cross BunsBy DebbieHomemade hot cross buns might take a bit more time than buying the from a shop but the smell and taste is well worth the effort.
Couscous and Roasted VegetablesBy DebbieSick and tired of the usual pasta, rice or potatoes? Try this delicious alternative of couscous and roasted veggies.
Eggy BreadBy Debbie... or French Toast as some people call it! This is a popular breakfast in our house as it's tasty and doesn't take too long to cook
Marinated Sticky ChickenBy DebbieWe love this marinated sticky chicken recipe because it is incredibly easy and really tasty.
Chocolate Easter NestsBy DebbieThese have to be the easiest (and most messy) Easter treat you can make with your kids.
Scrummy Fruity MuffinsBy DebbieWe LOVE these muffins, they're so easy to bake with the kids and a lovely occasional snack.
Scrambled Eggs on ToastBy DebbieOur daughter made us scrambled eggs on toast entirely on her own this morning for breakfast.
Quick and Easy OmelettesBy DebbieOmelettes are one of our favourite dinner or lunches - cheap, quick, easy, healthy and delicious.
Mummy’s Tasty Boiled HamBy DebbieMake your own ham for sandwiches rather than using the additive-filled, shop bought already cooked ham.
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