Saucepan Kids propose the removal of Kids Menus

I don’t know about you but if on the rare occasion we get a chance to go out for a bite to eat with the kids there seems to be a bog standard kids menu that’s offered to children in most restaurants. It’s assumed that all kids only like to eat chicken nuggets and chips, sausage and chips or pasta and tomato sauce! Yes, all children do like to eat this kind of food but if they had the opportunity to look at the actual menu, I’m sure that some would opt for a ‘real dish’ from there.

I understand that some children are fussy eaters but won’t they always be this way if the usual kids menu is their only option.

I really think that the default should be that there is NO kids menu and that kids at least get the chance to cast their eyes on the actual menu before the usual kids style dishes are offered.  I know from past experience, our kids would’ve liked the stew, or the curry or the vegetarian option only to be told that they don’t do children’s portions!! I don’t understand this, how hard can it be to serve the same dish on a smaller plate?  I understand that some dishes come into the restaurant pre-prepared or cannot easily be halved , for example, a whole fish, but surely this is the exception rather than the norm!

What do you think? Do you think Kids Menus should be a thing of the past?