saucepan kids flapjacks
saucepan kids flapjacks

Saucepan Kids Oat Flapjacks


August 20, 2014

This is a family recipe that has been tailored from different flapjack recipes that we've come across over time. They're great for a snack and in lunchboxes.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 25 mins
  • 15 mins

    25 mins

    40 mins

  • Yields: About 30 flapjacks


175g Butter

175g Brown Sugar

300g Oats

2 tbsp Golden Syrup

Couple drops of almond essence


Pre-heat oven to 160 C (320 F)

Melt the all ingredients (except the oats) in a heavy based saucepan over a low to moderate heat

Remove from the heat & add the oats into the saucepan

Mix really well

Cover a medium sized baking tray with parchment baking paper and place mixture into the tray

Press the mixture into the tray with the back of a spoon

Bake in oven for about 25 minutes

After removing from the oven, leave to cool for about 5 minutes before cutting into squares

Leave in the tray till fully cool before removing

My 9 yr old can make these completely unaided (except one of us had to take them out of the over for her). If you have younger little ones, they love weighing out the oats, pressing the flapjacks in the tray and licking the golden syrup spoons!


Instead of just plain flapjacks, you can add any of the following to the mixture at step 4 :

  • nuts
  • raisins
  • dates
  • chopped apricots
  • sunflower seeds or sesame seeds


These flapjacks will stay fresh for a number of days if stored in an airtight container and can be frozen when cooled by placing squares in sealed freezer bag.