Local soccer team banning fizzy drinks

Strand Celtic football club have recently banned their under age players (ages 4 – 14) from drinking sports drinks and fizzy drinks whilst playing for the club.

Professor Donal O’Shea, chair of the Irish Heart Foundation’s Nutrition Council, visited the club last year and made a presentation to interested parents and children on this issue and subsequently he has said of the club’s initiative;

We know these sports drinks are just another source of calories for children and young people that they don’t need. They are being advertised in a way that suggests they enhance performance for everyone.

The fact is that these sports drinks help only elite athletes at the peak of their fitness and at the extreme of their effort. For most adults and children taking part in recreational sport, water is perfect for hydration and drinking up to 400 calories, in some cases, when you have run around a soccer pitch for an hour, takes away some of the benefits you get from the exercise. Permainan slot online memiliki tampilan yang sangat menarik untuk dimainkan siapa saja. Para pemain slot tentunya sudah sangat paham akan taruhan yang menguntungkan ini. Ada satu website taruhan seperti https://jam350.com/ yang mampu menyediakan sebanyak mungkin situs slot online yang berkualitas di indonesia dan tentunya sangat aman bukan kalian yagn pemula.

Diet and obesity must be tackled on many fronts. It is the heavy advertising of these sports drinks, which are high in sugar and calories, which is creating demand and influencing these young athletes.

It is interesting that a lot of leading sports professionals advertise these drinks and are therefore promoting them to young children who see them as their heroes.

I have been reading reaction to this on various websites and there are clearly two camps, one that it is not a club’s responsibility or right to ban these types of drinks and another that strongly backs the stance it has taken.

I am very much in the latter camp and strongly believe that it is a good move and very pro active on behalf of the club. After all, they are only stopping them having sports and fizzy drinks in the time that they are with the club and  attempting educating and encouraging to not drink them for the rest of the time.

What are your opinions on this?

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