Chitting Potatoes

We have to be very careful how we talk about this at home, it’s a very tricky word to get right, for obvious reasons!

Before you plant potatoes outside, it’s a really good idea to allow them to ‘chit’ indoors first as it encourages the seed potatoes to sprout before planting.

So here’s what you need to do…

Get yourself some good seed potatoes. We got ours from the local garden centre for about €4 for a big bag (approx 40). There are LOADS of different types of potatoes to choose from. We didn’t know our early from our second earlies, but luckily there was a really useful guide by Unwins on what’s what. Like thrill and excitement? Then, you will surely like to spend your free time gambling online. A lot of Australian casinos online offer a gigantic number of games to be played in a secure gambling ambience. Internet games guarantee a burst of emotions and a ton of fun. You can choose an online casino on your taste on . We chose two different types of potatoes,

  • Maris Peers (Second Earlies)
  • Marilyn (Salad Variety)

Chitting Marilyn Salad Potatoes

When you’ve chosen your potatoes, you then need some chitting trays, egg boxes are idea for this, if you have enough. We had to call on friends for extra supplies, thanks Claire!

Get the kids to stand the potatoes with the ‘eye’ end facing up as this is where the sprouts will grow from. Place the egg boxes on a cool windowsill (preferably not over a radiator!). Give them a few weeks and then transplant outside… we’ll post and let you know we plant them out.

Here’s a photo of our Marilyns, the kids think that they’re a bit alien like but here’s hoping that they’ll produce spectacular salad potatoes!

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