Venturing into the world of juicing!

I watched a really interesting film online yesterday called ‘Hungry for Change’ . It was highlighting the secrets the diet, weightloss and food industry don’t want you to know about; deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. There was a chap in it called Jason Vale who spoke at length about the virtues of juicing. So we decided to try out juicing for ourselves. We buy ALOT of freshly squeezed juices for our fridge and we’ve always fancied trying to make our own.

So, while James got the kids ready for bed, I popped into town and bought a Philips Juicer. A quick trip to the supermarket on the way home to stock up on various fruits and vegetables, I headed home to set the juicer up. As soon as I got home, the kids were back up and VERY excited to try out the new gadget.

Luckily, the juicer came with a book by the very man, Jason Vale, with lots of juicing recipes. Enthusiasm got the better of us and we made up a juice with celery, carrot and apple. However there was too much celery in it and the kids weren’t that keen.

Saucepan Kids designs a fruity face

This morning, we wisely chose a recipe from the book, containing apple, carrot, lemon and lime. It was amazing, in fact so much so, the kids wanted us to make more so that they could bring some in their lunchboxes to school!

Just to warn you, there is a bit of cleaning up but the juicer is really easy to take apart. Also, it might be worth getting organic fruit and veg if you can, simply because you juice the whole fruit/veg and if it isn’t organic, you’ll waste time having to clean and or peel alot of fruit or veg.

On the whole, we’re very excited about trying this new way of ‘eating’ more fruit and vegetables. I hope that it’ll also make us feel more energised and maybe even help me lose a few pounds 🙂

Do you and your family ever tried juicing?




  1. I love fresh green juice, especially for breakfast. What is the Philips juicer? I have an omega masticating juicer which is a pain because the vegetables have to be diced very small first. However, it is excellent for greens.

    1. Hi Julie, the juicer we bought was a, and I quote! Philips HR1861/00 Professional Aluminium Juicer. We got it in Argos –

      So far so good, it fits most fruit and veg whole – except larger apples – and is pretty easy to clean. You could put it in the dishwasher apparently but by the time you’ve rinsed it you might as well have washed it.

      We’ve not tried greens in it yet but will do.


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