Saucepan Kids are keeping pigs

There are a few exciting things happing at Saucepan Kids at the moment and the first one we are revealing is that we are going to be keeping pigs. Well, one pig who will be living in the field of a good friend of ours with their pig – they are very sociable and need to be in at least pairs.

The same friends kept pigs a few years ago and we were lucky to get some of the meat and it was absolutely fantastic, chalk and cheese compared to anything we’ve ever bought in the shops. We’ve always wanted to do this but the lack of available space and hectic schedules meant we’ve not got round to it, until now…

We intend to use this opportunity not only to get us some fantastic pork (we’ll need a new freezer I imagine) but also to educate the children about where our meat comes from and animal welfare.

As you can see our friends have work under-way in the field, the arc only needing an extra side on it and the wire fence tensioning. So, in the next few weeks we’ll be getting the new pigs and you can follow our adventures on this site and Facebook and Twitter where we will be posting regular updates.


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