The start of our Pig Adventure

Following my post a week or so ago about our new pig he duly arrived last Wednesday evening. I went to our friends’ field to see him and his brother arrive and be introduced to their new home – as I mentioned before our friends have one pig and we have the other as they need to be kept in at least pairs (who would have thought that pigs were so sociable!). They are 11 week old Tamworth piglets and are already a decent size, far bigger than I was expecting.

After some squealing as they were taken from the trailer to the pen, they took to their new environment very quickly and were soon rooting around, turning up the ground and generally enjoying themselves.

pig in ark

Unfortunately it was too late for the kids to come with me as it was a school night so they were unable to see them arrive but the excitement is high nonetheless. They have already named him Wilbur, after the pig in Charlotte’s Web which my eldest daughter is reading at school, and we have had a number of interesting conversations about what is going to happen to him. We have been very clear to point out that he is not a pet and we have discussed how important it is that animals that become our food have the best life possible. The conditions in which some of the bacon we find on the shelves of our supermarkets has been raised is appalling and something we will be returning to in future posts.

We will be posting regular updates on our pig adventure on this site as well as Twitter and Facebook so make sure to follow us. Your advice is also greatly appreciated!


  1. Best of luck with them – we’re nearly a year behind you, having just moved into our smallholding near Easkey in Sligo – pigs are on the list for next year. I’ve always wanted tamworths so will keep an eye on your blog for updates 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Lorraine…

      Best of luck with the smallholding near Easkey, that’s a really beautiful part of the world! Let us know how you get on if you manage to get your pigs next year 🙂


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