Saucepan Kids – finalist in Irish Web Awards

I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post today. Saucepan Kids website has made it through to the Final of the Irish Web Awards in the ‘Most Useful Website in Ireland’ category!! We were so flattered to have been nominated in the first place however to have made it through the quarter finals and semi finals and now into the finals, is incredible.

Saucepan Kids was an idea, dreamt up in early 2012. For a long time we have involved our three young children in cooking and we think this is a major factor in their wide and varied appetites. We believe that through doing this we can teach our children the value of food, where it comes from and how to eat responsibly when they are adults. We also want to share this with other families, hence this website.

We are not trained chefs or nutritionalists, just normal parents, trying to juggle work and cooking for their family. Not all of the recipes on the site would be considered healthy as we feel that everything should be enjoyed in moderation.

We also believe that as well as giving them valuable information, through growing, cooking and eating together, families can have lots of fun. Some of the recipes on the site are our own, some from family and friends and some are from our favourite chefs. We also adapt recipes to our own tastes and what is left in the cupboard.

We make sure we include how the children can help and also tips for helping encouraging them to eat what you make.

Although we’re far from being self-sufficient, we love to get the kids involved in growing vegetables and since we started this website, we added 8 hens, 6 fruit trees, 4 raised beds and 1 pig to our family.

We’re very proud of what we’ve done with Saucepan Kids so far and it really motivates us when we get such great feedback from you guys through our website and different social media channels, thank you.

With the emphasis that is currently quite rightly being put on promoting healthy relationships with food for our children, we are excited to be able to do our little bit and try ensure the focus is maintained long into the future.


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