Review of Donal Skehan’s HomeCooked Tour

Last night we took the Saucepan Kids to see Donal Skehan‘s Home Cooked Tour in Sligo. He’s launching his new cookbook ‘HomeCooked’ and is travelling Ireland cooking up tasty dishes from the book. Our kids love watching him on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube and on RTE as he’s so lively and funny (their words!).

The stage for the show looked fantastic. Beside the cooking station, there was a really quaint kitchen table and chairs (from his own house apparently!!).  The audience were mostly teenager girls and middle aged women with only a handful of kids. I guess it didn’t help that Sligo Rovers were playing in the Aviva that day.  It was Donal’s second night of his tour and he was obviously a little nervous at the start but sure who wouldn’t be!

Donal Skehan - Home Cooked Tour - Review by SaucepanKids

Everyone was given a really lovely recipe booklet going in which detailed the five dishes that he was going to cook, which included :

  • Pad Thai
  • Brioche with Nutella
  • Mexican Fish Tacos
  • Chocolate Tiramisu
  • Spinach Crepes

It’s hard to describe how amazing the smells that filled the auditorium were. Mouths were watering and noses were running when Donal cooked the Pad Thai which sparked off a comical coughing session from everyone the crowd!

Luckily, there was an opportunity for some audience members to sample these dishes, in fact our little boy got to try two dishes and was happy to give his positive feedback to Donal. I loved the fact that he also encouraged audience participation by getting people to take part in a pancake tossing and egg whisking contest.

Saucepan Kids review Donal Skehan's HomeCooked Tour

I admire the way he was able to think on his feet and change what he’s doing to suit the ingredients. For example, he was meant to make a guacamole but the avocados weren’t ripe enough so he made a yummy avocado salsa instead!

He’s certainly a talented chef and, despite his young age, has many years of experience which was obvious from the clever hints and tips he shared with us during the show. My favourite tip was how to test the strength of a chilli before you use it.Donal Skehan - HomeCooked Tour

At the end of the evening, Donal sat in the foyer and signed copies of his new cookbook and had photos taken with people. Our kids were over the moon that he signed their cookbook and chatted to them!

He’s also a big fan of using Social Media to connect with his fans. He’s uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and actually encouraged people to tweet him during and after the show. I don’t know when he sleeps but he replied to nearly every tweet!!

All in all, it was a really great night. Whether you’re an adult or child, you couldn’t help but come away from the evening feeling inspired to cook more and I salute Mr. Skehan for that. He has real presence on the stage and his level of enthusiasm and passion for what he does is infectious. It was a joy to watch someone loving what they do so much and I would be more than happy if my children grew up and were that motivated in their chosen career paths.

I would highly recommend catching the show if you can, and bring the kids too! He’s touring many venues across Ireland during November.


    1. Thanks Val, it was a really fun evening. The kids really enjoyed it and came away feeling really inspired to cook even more! Our little fella has even tried styling his hair like Donal 🙂

  1. OMG! Went to this last night in Ennis with my daughter and thought it was the greatest load of rubbish. We had enough after 2 recipes and left, what a waste of 40 euro, could’nt handle any more of his hyper behaviour it was like as if he was aiming his show at 4 and 5 year olds. If he could have realised that he was not in a pantomime and just cooked it would have been very enjoyable. My daughter summed it up perfectly – it was like watching Jedward let loose in a kitchen – he thought he was so funny but it was just dire – NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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