When Kids Throw A Dinner Party

Kids throwing a dinner party conjures up images of frozen pizza and fizzy pop but when these two twelve year olds decided to cook a three course meal for their two families, there wasn’t a ready meal in sigSaucepan Kids plan their dinner partyht.

The first stage was the planning, what to cook for nine people? After two hours of pouring over every cookbook in the house, the final menu was decided upon :

There were many factors to be taken in consideration, what was in season, the significant food intolerances and allergies in the group. The girls then sourced what they could in the pantry (to save money), planned what ingredients they would need to buy and also the timing and the order in which they would need to cook things.

Saucepan Kids lay the table for their dinner party for 9 peopleOn the day of the dinner party, after a not so quick trip to the supermarket, they met up and began. It took many hours of chopping, baking, resting (the bread, not them) and cooking before they were done. They even managed to get outside and pick some fresh flowers for the dinner table.

Saucepan Kids bake bread and create Avoca Summer Vegetable soup







DessertcollageupdatedThe end result was a superb, delicious three course meal that you couldn’t fault in a high end restaurant. I couldn’t get over the attention to detail, the appreciation¬†for flavours and the excellent seasoning of all the dishes. The girls were so proud of themselves and they were even happy to wash up! This is something that I would never have been able to do as a tween, mind you, I was never given the opportunity either.

Why not give your older kids free rein to cook a meal for the family, you might be surprised at exactly how good they are.

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