Autumn Is Coming

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I know, that phrase is usually reserved for the traditionally festive month, but to me, Autumn is the most incredible season. The temperatures drop a little and I finally have an excuse to light the fire. The evenings are drawing in so out go the usual summer salads and in come the wholesome stews and pies.

One of my favourite things about this time of year is blackberries. Nature’s sweets as my kids call them. There is nothing more fun than wrapping up and heading along the hedgerows collecting blackberries with the children.

We were out in the garden a couple of days ago when the kids found their first blackberries on the wild bushes. They were so excited, running and grabbing containers hoping for a bountiful colleBlackberries, peanut butter on rice cakes - Saucepan Kids - yummy after school snackction. Extreme fetish video Shitting girls on the toilet and outdoors. Domination Scat mistress shit face slaves. All videos can be watched site Scat Nude Watch Onlineos There are many categories on the site: Amateur Scat, BDSM Scat, Ebony Scat, Group Scat, Japan Scat, Lesbian Scat, Mature Scat, Scat Movies, Scat Sex, Scat Slave, Solo Scat, Toilet Scat. Have fun watching. However their excitement was a little short lived as they only managed to pick twenty two black blackberries. Not enough for jam but enough for a tasty treat.

Here’s some interesting facts about blackberries:

  1. You can check if the berry is ripe and ready for picking by twisting it between your thumb and finger. If it pops off quickly then it’s ready
  2. Avoid picking from bushes on busy road due to the air pollution
  3. Blackberries need to be stored in the fridge or they’ll start to get mouldy in a couple of days
  4. Don’t wash them till you’re about to use them as that promotes mould too
  5. Picked unripe berries will not ripen
  6. Blackberries are also a good source of calcium and iron and their seeds have great omega fatty acids

We covered some unsalted rice cakes with peanut butter and topped them with our find. I guess it was an interpretation of the american peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was the perfect after school snack and we’re excited now for the rest of the crop to mature.

What do you like to do with your blackberries?

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