Super Seed Snacks for Superheros

Just tell the kids “All you need to be a superhero is your very own pack of Super Bites” – you can’t go wrong. These are the words from Sligo based Good 4U who have released a new range of tasty and natural seed snacks.

We were happy to receive a sample pack to try, so here’s what we thought…

Saucepan Kids enjoying the Super Seed Snacks from Good4U

The Super Bites are nut, gluten, dairy free and have no added sugar. They even have red algae seaweed listed in their ingredients. There are two flavours:

  • banana and cocoa
  • strawberry and vanilla

The banana and cocoa flavour were not that popular in our house as the banana was quite overpowering. However the kids did really like the strawberry and vanilla and thought that they tasted like sweets.

The Super Seed Snacks on the other hand were a huge hit. There are five flavours :

  • mango and pineapple
  • bombay spices
  • cranberry and apricot
  • coconut and berry
  • apple and cinnamon

We tried all of them and the two favourite flavours in this house were the bombay spices and the apple and cinnamon. A really tasty balance of flavours, in fact, the youngest boy said, “they taste really scrummy, are they really good for you?”.

I’ll definitely consider buying these as they’ll make a nice addition to the school lunchbox every now and again. There are some children in our primary school who have a nut allergy so it’s nice to know that these snacks won’t be posing any risks. As Mum and Dad, we liked them too and can imagine nibbling on them in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed.

The only thing is that one of the kids found it a little tricky to open the packet so it would be worth while showing little ones how to do it before they take them to school and end up having to get teacher to do it.

Well done Good4U for producing a guilt free tasty snack that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

You can buy these seed snacks in Tescos, Centras and SuperValus around Ireland.

Disclosure: We received this sample pack from Good4U however all opinions are honest and our own.

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