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Freddy Buttons and his friend Juno the dogFreddy Buttons is a boy. He is 8 years old. He lives at Tumbledown Cottage with his parents. He likes school. He loves to grow food. He really loves to eat good food. He really really loves his animals. This is how Freddy Buttons creator and author Fiona Dillon, describes the main character. Before even reading the books, who wouldn’t love this little boy?

So where did Freddy Buttons come from? Fiona herself likes to grow her own food and writes about good food in the Home Farmer and Irish Country Living magazines. She published a wonderful book back in 2014 called ‘Food From An Irish Garden’ which is available to buy from Orpen Press.

Freddy Buttons by Fiona Dillon - The first series

We’re avid readers here at Saucepan Kids and I was so excited when these beautiful six books arrived from Fiona for us to read. The ten year old twins dived straight into them when they got home from school and didn’t just read one, they read all of the them in one sitting. Homework was very late that evening!

In the books, Freddy Buttons and his pal Juno the dog enjoy solving many food mysteries with their friends at Tumbledown Cottage. From finding the missing hen Henny Whiteheather with the help of the F.B.I (Freddy Buttons Investigators) to discovering who the apple bandits are.

Each story is not only entertaining but also educational, teaching the child about where real food comes from. Each book has a very clever ‘Did you know’ page with some interesting facts relating to the story and there is also a yummy recipe at the back of each book too. The author collaborated with the well known organic yoghurt brand (and friends of Saucepan Kids) Glenisk and each of the recipes use products from the tasty Glenisk range. I think that they are wonderfully written and really beautifully illustrated and would be enjoyed by any child aged 6 -10.

Saucepan Kids review Freddy Buttons booksqSaucepan Kids review Freddy Buttons books

The verdict from my two very fussy (their own words) critics? ‘They’re brilliant’, ‘Love them’. In fact, one of them wanted to bring them into school to show them to teacher as they are on the green school committee and were planning what they were going to do with the school vegetable beds this year. He thought that these books would be of great interest to his teacher and the rest of his class.

You can pick up the whole set of six books for only €25 here and they will be even be signed by the author. 

Fiona Dillon - author of the Freddy Buttons series

We hope Fiona writes a second series. What fun food adventures will Freddy Buttons and Juno the dog have next?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the author Fiona Dillon, you’ll find her blogging over at . If you would like to know more about Freddy Buttons and his friends, Freddy has his own website.

Glenisk are currently giving you to opportunity to collect tokens on promotional products (while stocks last).

Disclaimer – Saucepan Kids were very kindly sent the the set of Freddy Buttons books (series 1) as a gift from the author. This review is our own honest opinion and we were not paid for this review. 

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