Holiday Packing Tips for Busy Mums and Dads

When it comes to holiday packing as a parent, gone are the days when you could throw caution to the wind, pack a few clothes and toiletries in the bag and be gone. With kids in tow, the concept of creating lists has never sounded so appealing! (Oh, how life has changed). Along with that, common sense and creativity become key to both stress-free packing and giving yourself the freedom to let your mind drift to all the holiday fun in front of you!

To help you have a more enjoyable, less stressful holiday from the start, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Laya Healthcare to develop these tips to help you concentrate on the fun rather than on the fuss!


Simply spend half an hour writing down all the things you need to remember to bring. Put together a clothing, equipment, toiletries, first aid, toys, documents and ‘additional’ list. Taking this time means a lot less stress. We really recommend an app called ‘Paperless Lite’ which allows you to create your lists and tick them off as they are packed!


Consider the ‘actual’ holiday you want to achieve for you and your family. We can be bad at packing for every eventuality but be honest with yourself. Do you want to relax by the pool and just have time with your kids? What’s the point in bringing hiking boots and high heels in that case? Anything that you don’t really believe you will use, should not be packed.


Young children love their toys and home routines. They can be comforted while travelling (making your life easier) by having some favourite items from home at the ready. Let them help you choose two or three things they want to bring.


Aside from a stash of the usual crayons, paper, books and super heroes, when packing toys, consider the noise factor and the pain quotient. Don’t bring anything that will give you (or anyone else nearby) a migraine. It can be nice to stash away a few unopened birthday presents to bring out when they least expect it. A great distraction and what child doesn’t like to open a present?


Holidays are all about keeping things simple. It is where the idea of the capsule comes into its own. Items should be chosen based on the fact they can be worn in at least two ways. For kids, it can be useful to create outfits, which you pack together. Use ‘packing cubes’ so you can pack each child’s outfits together. Do pack lots of denim, darker colour and long-sleeved PJ’s (for those air conditioned evenings). Avoid too many light colours and delicate fabrics.


Rolling clothes in the suitcase helps you fit heaps more. Start by packing your shoes at the bottom and surround them with things like kids’ macs, underwear and other such items that creasing is not an issue for. This is also a great way to use this otherwise lost space. If you are packing anything remotely tailored, turn it inside out, tuck the sleeves in, roll and it will arrive in the best shape possible.


Having a small backpack with all the essentials right there for the airport is a godsend. Snacks and games for the kids, all documents, itineraries, passports and tickets, any medication, plasters, painkillers, international adapter, water and an extra pair of clothes for kiddie accidents.


It can be both fun and worthwhile to get your kids involved in the packing process. It builds their excitement for the trip and helps to teach them the responsibility they share with Mum and Dad to mind their toys and bits and pieces. Ask them what they think they might need and let them pick out the toys, books and activities they want to enjoy while on the road. Perhaps about a week before you leave get them to help you pack either their own carry-on bag or help to pack yours.

Have a great and stress-free trip with these tips from us in association with Laya Healthcare. Make sure your family is covered for adventures at home or abroad with with family travel insurance and family health insurance from Laya Healthcare.

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Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Laya Healthcare. 

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