About Us

Who are Saucepan Kids ? Where did Saucepan Kids come from?



Saucepan Kids is an award-winning family food and travel website set up by Debbie Woodward and her family in 2012 which focuses on family food, well-being and travel.

Food and Well-being

Our ultimate food and well-being goal for our children is to make sure that they are food literate and understand the importance of exercise to help them live a long, healthy and happy life and we wanted to share our journey and experiences with others in this blog.

Of course, like a lot of people, we make sure that they eat healthily when they are with us, ensuring we keep unhealthy food in moderation. However, we are realistic and know that when they are not with us, be that at friends’ houses, parties, school, out in town or in later life when they leave home, they will have access to all manner of unhealthy food and drinks. In fact, in this modern era, misleading and aggressive advertising, packaging and peer pressure will also make making the right choice very difficult.

All we can and want to do is to make sure that, above all, they are making informed choices and understand the potential consequences to their health, welling and the environment.

Saucepan Kids cooking at Jamie's Italian DublinWe try to do this through educating them in a variety of ways whilst keeping it fun including;

  • involving them in cooking and menu planning,
  • learning where food comes from,
  • understanding what is health and unhealthy and the effects on our bodies,
  • learning the effects of food production on the environment,
  • meeting inspirational food producers and chefs,
  • the importance of exercise,
  • leading by example.

We are not trained chefs or nutritionists, just normal parents cooking for their family so we are also on an adventure and are ourselves learning all of the time.


Travel is a key part of our philosophy. Not only from the experiences and memories it creates but also tying it back to our food principles.

When travelling we believe that immersing ourselves in the local culture is the key to understanding and appreciating a country or city and a key part of this is its food. Therefore when travelling we focus on the local food as well as sights, history and general tips and planning.


So, on the site we have recipes (not all of which would be considered healthy -moderation and all that), reviews of books, experiences and travel destinations both at home here in Ireland and further afield.

If you’ve any comments, experiences or recipes you’d like to share, please let us know, we’d love to hear.