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Best Roast ChickenBy JamesRoast chicken is so easy it doesn't just have to be the reserve of Sunday lunch. This is our way of making the family favourite.
Gooseberry CrumbleBy JamesGooseberry crumble is a super pudding that our kids love - you can use less sugar if, like us, you prefer the sour gooseberry taste.
Lemon Drizzle CakeBy JamesA wonderful combination of sweetness and sourness from the lemons makes this cake a delicious treat.
Victoria Sponge Birthday CakeBy DebbieA classic Victoria sponge cake repurposed as a birthday cake - very tasty and a really nice change from chocolate cake.
Chocolate Birthday CakeBy DebbieBaking your own cakes is far more fun and much cheaper than buying a ready made cake, as well as being way more satisfying.
Delicious Tomato SauceBy JamesThis tomato sauce recipe is ideal for putting on pizza bases, using in pasta dishes and putting in soups.
Fresh Herb PestoBy DebbieYou can use the pesto in all kinds of dishes including pasta, added to soups, dressings and as a dip with lovely fresh bread.
Quick Focaccia Bread – with VideoBy JamesThis Focaccia bread recipe is, as its name suggests, a really quick and easy Italian bread recipe that is perfect then time is limited.
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