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Whoopie PiesBy JamesWhoopie Pies originate from the Amish community and were named because when the men found them in their lunchboxes at work the cried "Whooopppeeee!"
Brown Soda BreadBy JamesOne of the most fun cooking things to do with the kids is baking, and at top of our list is baking bread.
Rhubarb CrumbleBy JamesOur rhubarb grows like mad - this is a brilliant use of it, making a really tasty dessert.
Making Chicken StockBy JamesForget stock cubes, the best chicken stock you will ever taste is the one you make yourself.
Real gravy – no BistoBy JamesStart making your own real gravy without using gravy granules or Bisto. It will be the best gravy you've ever tasted.
Best Roast ChickenBy JamesRoast chicken is so easy it doesn't just have to be the reserve of Sunday lunch. This is our way of making the family favourite.
Gooseberry CrumbleBy JamesGooseberry crumble is a super pudding that our kids love - you can use less sugar if, like us, you prefer the sour gooseberry taste.
Lemon Drizzle CakeBy JamesA wonderful combination of sweetness and sourness from the lemons makes this cake a delicious treat.
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