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Healthy Choco Bites

Yields1 ServingPrep Time10 mins

These chocolatey bite-sized balls are a perfect snack for the whole family, whether you're looking for something to accompany a cup of coffee mid morning or if the kids are looking for a snack to tide them over till dinner time. They're nut-free so can be brought into school too. It's fun (and extremely messy) to let the kids roll the balls out for you.

Saucepan Kids choco balls - the perfect healthy snack for the whole family

 250g oats
 75g sunflower seeds
 150g dates
 150g raisins
 250ml orange juice
 2 tbsp cacao powder
 100g desiccated coconut

Place the dates and raisins in the food processor


Pour in the orange juice and leave to soak (if you have time)


Add in all remaining ingredients (except the coconut)


Blitz until smooth


Place desiccated coconut in a bowl


Remove blade from processor


Shape mixture into small balls and roll in coconut


Store in a sealed jar in the fridge (lasts for a couple of weeks)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size approximately 30 balls