Daddy’s Sausage RaguBy DebbieWe created this dish after arriving in Rome at the start of our family Italian adventure in 2016. We were all tired after a very early flight out of Ireland and we were hungry. A quick visit to the nearest local shop where we purchased some incredible Italian sausages, local tomatoes and red wine and Daddy's Homemade Sausage Ragu was born. We all loved it so much, it's became a staple dish that we've cooked in every country we've visited since that trip, varying the ingredients to what we could find locally.
Creamy Macaroni Cheese with Dubliner Cheese – adBy DebbieRich, savoury and sweet Dubliner Vintage cheese is the star of this ever-popular family comfort food. The mascarpone give a creaminess but it’s the Dubliner that gives this easy to prepare dish a wonderful deep, rich flavour. Out take on this classic adds layers of flavour with tomatoes, garlic and balsamic vinegar, along with a wonderful crispy top that will have the kids and adults alike fighting for second portions.
Healthy Choco BitesBy DebbieThese chocolatey bite-sized balls are a perfect snack for the whole family, whether you're looking for something to accompany a cup of coffee mid morning or if the kids are looking for a snack to tide them over till dinner time. They're nut-free so can be brought into school too. It's fun (and extremely messy) to let the kids roll the balls out for you.
Dubliner Vintage Cheese Straws – adBy DebbieThese Dubliner Vintage Cheese Straws are the perfect savoury snack to serve at a festive party or a moreish late night treat to be enjoyed with a glass of wine or beer when the kids have gone to bed. The extra mature full bodied sweet and nutty taste of the Dubliner Vintage Cheddar Cheese makes these rich and buttery cheese straws the perfect savoury snack.
Spanish-Style Tortilla with Dubliner Cheese – adBy DebbieThis Spanish-Style Tortilla is a hearty winter warming dish perfect for a family supper. If you're lucky enough to have leftovers, it tastes even better cold the next day in a packed lunch for school. Remember to get the kids to help you make this. Young kids can whisk the eggs and mix in the cheese, spring onion and seasoning and wash the potatoes while older ones can carefully grate the cheese and maybe even help stirring with your guidance.
Linseed Bars – Nua NaturalsBy DebbieAnother great recipe from Nua Naturals, these seriously healthy linseed bars use superfood ingredients. The kids also loved watching the chia seeds turn into a gel before mixing it all together.
Almond Energy Bars – Nua NaturalsBy DebbieThis delicious recipe from Nua Naturals make a great healthy snack for kids when they home from school and are also perfect with a coffee mid-morning for Mums and Dads. As they are stored in the freezer, they last for ages too.
Slow Cooker Baked BeansBy DebbieThis are few things more satisfying than waking up to these delicious homemade baked beans on toast for breakfast. Dust off that slow cooker, try this recipe and you won't want to open a tin of beans ever again.
Toad in the holeBy DebbieThis toad in the hole recipe is an easy midweek family meal that will make everyone happy
Sugar-Free Banana BreadBy DebbieCut back on the sugar without cutting back on the taste with our moist and tasty banana bread. As seen on TV!
Making Elderflower CordialBy DebbieMixed with sparkling water and lots of ice, elderflower cordial is a delicious and refreshing drink hot (well warm) summer's days.
Carrot CupcakesBy DebbieCarrot cake is one of our favourite things to bake and eat, we can even kid ourselves it's healthier with all those carrots and raisins in 😉
Healthy Easter Chocolate NestsBy DebbieWe think 'Everything in moderation' and this is important at Easter time when people start thinking about chocolate. This year we decided to make a healthy version of our favourite Easter chocolate nests.
Berry CompoteBy DebbieGreat on top of breakfast pancakes and porridge or with natural yogurt for dessert, try this easy fruit compote.
Breakfast PancakesBy DebbieAlso know as drop or American pancakes, these are a tasty alternative to cereals at breakfast.
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